MHS DAV Public School, Poonch
Kanuyian Poonch, Jammu Kashmir- 185101
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School Activities  

S.No.                 Date

1.                     15-04-2018                  1.Colouring (Nursery to 2nd)

                        (Sunday)                      2. Draw and Colour (3rd to 6th)

                                                            3. Quiz Competition(7th to 10th)

2.                     20-05-2018                  1.Quiz  Competition (3rd to 7th)

                                                            2. on the sport essay writing competition (8th To 10th)

3.                     June- July 2018 summer vacation as per Govt.

4.                     26-08-2018                  1.writing competition

                        (Sunday)                      (Nur. To 2nd)

                                                            2. Bouquet making competition (5th to 7th)

                                                            3. Rangoli competition (8th to 10th)

5.                     23-09-2018                  Quiz  competition (6th to 8th)


6.                     In the month October             Teacher-parents meet

7.                     As per govt. order Term Ist examination

8.                     18.11.2018                  Sports Week

9.                     Nov.                             Picnic              

10.                   16-12-2018                  Quiz competition (7th to 10th)

12.                   20-01-2019                  Debate Competition


                        March 2019                Final Examination